What kids want to know


Kids Pastor Herb Owen was born in Richmond, Virginia at a very young age. He didan’t have any brothers and sisters (so he never got tired of kids when he was one!)


He got good grades in school and was the third in his class when he graduated from Varina High School. When he was a kid he liked to fish, read and take pictures. He also liked to study Virginia history. He still does!


When he was in fourth grade he tried out for band. The band teacher told him he had musical talent (whatever that means) and he learned to play the clarinet. He was in the band all the way through high school and in college. That’s where he first learned about music.


He’s been a Kids Pastor for a long while now, and that’s what he loves to do.


He married his girlfriend (her name is Marilyn) and she is now his wife. He loves her a lot. Before coming to Cherrydale, Marilyn was a school teacher, teaching fifth and sixth grades.


He has two tall sons. Timothy works at Cherrydale. He works with the technical things like lighting and video and slides.. Before he was born, a blood vessel in Timothy’s head became blocked and he had a stroke. His left hand became sick. Because of that, he never tried to shoot a basketball with both hands (you’re not supposed to do that) and he has always been a great basketball player. Timothy is a dedicated fan of the Atlanta Braves and has his own website for the Braves.


Herb’s other son is Jonathan.  (His nickname is “Jawoo”, because that’s what Timothy used to call him before he could say “Jonathan.”) He is the Children's and Middle School Pastor at Shades Mountain Independent Church (where Pastor Herb used to be the Kids Pastor) and directs Camp Straight Street in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a lot like Pastor Herb. He plays the guitar and leads a praise band. He also writes songs (just like his dad), and he can be very funny. On December 22, 2006, Pastor Herb performed the wedding ceremony and Jonathan was married to Kristin, now his wife. They have two cute little daughters - Taylor (which is also the middle name of Herb’s dad, Herb, and Jonathan!) and River Jane.


Herb’s dad is with the Lord. His mother lives in Richmond, Virginia, in the house where Herb lived when he was a kid.


Herb likes hanging around kids and their families, and helping them know Jesus and live for him. He also likes to write songs for kids. He has a secret dream to one day visit a room only about 15 minutes from his house-the Oval Office at the White House.


Herb’s office is at the church on the third floor. You can come by and visit him if you are at Cherrydale. Herb and his family live at 3013 Sleepy Hollow Road in Falls Church, two blocks southwest of the Seven Corners intersection.




This handsome group is Pastor Herb Owen, his wife Marilyn and their oldest son, Timothy. You'll find all of them at Cherrydale Baptist Church doing all kinds of cool things for kids and for families.

Pastor Herb, Marilyn and Timothy live at 3013 Sleepy Hollow Road in Falls Church in the area called "Seven Corners." That's their house to the right just after a snowstorm, and below is a map to show you how to get there if you ever need to come over (and we hope you will sometime)

What parents want to know


Pastor Herb Owen was born in Richmond, Virginia where he attended Varina High School. He received the B.A. degree from Bob Jones University with a major in Bible and a minor in New Testament Greek. Then he received his M.A. with a major in Bible. He was ordained to the ministry in at his home church.


He began his ministry at his home church where he was Youth Pastor for six years. He also founded Fellowship Christian School. It was there that he discovered ministry to children and how much could be accomplished in their lives. He began to feel God’s leading to focus his ministry on children.


For the next fifteen years he was a children’s pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. During this time he also taught Children’s Ministry courses at Liberty University. In addition, he directed Treasure Island Camp for eight years and was involved in many creative ministries with children. His kids choirs earned a Gold Record for Kids Sing Praise and a Gold Video for Kids Sing Christmas.


For the next two years he worked with one of his former students at Harvest Baptist Church in Sandston, Virginia. During this time he wrote a major kids curriculum program, as well as several books and children’s musicals.


For the next three years he was Children’s Pastor at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, Pennsylvania in suburban Philadelphia before going to Shades Mountain Independent Church in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was Children’s Pastor for almost six years. During this time he also taught Children’s Ministry courses at Southeastern Bible College.


He joined the staff of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio in 2002 as Pastor of Kids ministry and became Pastor of Children and Families at Cherrydale in 2009.


He is married to the former Marilyn Morrison (the daughter of a pastor). She would love to get with you moms for lunch or tea. Herb is the father of Timothy (who works at Cherrydale) and Jonathan, Children’s and Middle School Pastor at Shades Mountain Independent Church in Birmingham, Alabama). Jonathan is married to the former Kristin Montgomery. They have two daughters: Taylor and River Jane.


Herb has led 18 mission trips to other countries, leading children and parents in ministry. He is the author of How to Shepherd Children in a World Full of Wolves (Church Growth Institute) and produced A Complete Kids Choir Video Guide (Brentwood Music). He is also the composer of numerous articles, children’s musicals and songs.


Herb and Marilyn are always available to help you and your family in your Christian journey. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your family.



Jonathan, Pastor Herb's younger soon, is married to Kristin (above). Theu have two daughters: Taylor and River Jane (called by her friends "Rio"). Another brother or sister is on the way and will arrive sometime in September. Oh, and then there's Zissou, the family dog and loves his sisters a lot.