Scheduled three times each year.

Childcare is  available without charge. You must request childcare on your registration form. The seminar is offered at Cherrydale Baptist Church three times each year.

The seminar is for parents and parents-to-be, grandparents, teachers and all of those in authority over children and teens.



Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever have. Yet, most of us receive little training for the job.  Cherrydale Baptist Church Family Ministry presents a seminar that will train parents and others God has placed in authority over children and teens. At the seminar, you’ll learn biblical principles that can quickly revolutionize your home and help your children grow to become everything God intended them to be.. The Seminar is led by Herb Owen, Pastor of Children and Families at Cherrydale. He has taught this Seminar all over the USA and Canada.

You’ll understand how the principles of leading our families, our churches, our government and our employees at work are all the same. We’ll apply these principles specifically to the needs of those who lead children and teens, and you’ll go away with a clear strategy that will bring into sharp focus your relationship with your kids.

Upon hearing what you’ll learn at the seminar, one excited parent said:

I finally realized I don’t have to turn my child

over to the world

to do with him as it pleases!

We’ll discover how to “take charge” of our families without seeming bossy or unkind. We won’t just give you a list of things to do. We’ll actually teach you the principles of parenting ...why we do what we do—from the pages of the Bible. We’ll present it in a simple form you can easily understand and remember.

In teaching these principles over and over for many years, we’ve learned to describe them as the “1-2-3-4-5 Method of Parenting” as we’ll learn one goal, carried out in two stages of our kids’ lives, using the three tools God has given us in four areas of our child’s life as we fulfill the five responsibilities of a parent. Once you understand these principles, you’ll have the tools to make difficult decisions. You’ll have the resources to “make it” in the overwhelming job of raising a family for God.

You can probably tell we’re excited about the opportunity of sharing these principles with you. Because space is very limited, you’ll need to register in writing for the seminar.

All we ask is that you do five things:

1. Register in advance so you’ll be assured of a seat.

2. If you later find you cannot come, remember to cancel your reservation so we can give your seat to someone who can.

3. Arrive on time. We’ll begin promptly the announced time. You’ll want to arrive, grab a beverage and get settled before we begin. If you cannot arrive on time, plan on registering for a future seminar.

4. Stay through to the end of the seminar, and

5, Implement what you learn. This could be the most valuable four hours you’ve spent in a long time!



We'll discover the most important issues of parenting by discovering the five basic principles for parents. Then we'll apply them to answer some of the most basic questions every parent faces:

Mistakes of parenting — What is the biggest mistake most parents make? How can I avoid it, even if I often do it without thinking?

What are the five main responsibilities of those who lead young people — either in the home or in the classroom? You’ll discover these are the same five duties of a husband or church leader.

Starting early — What should I be doing now with my preschooler to prepare him for becoming a responsible adult? Is it ever too early to begin?

Parenting priorities — When parenting a child, where am I trying to go? Children are all so different. Is there a common goal I want all of my kids to attain? Should I be careful about comparing one child to another?

The false goal of helping my child grow toward independence — Is my goal really to “let go” and allow my child to do it on his own? Or is there a more biblical objective to which my child and I should progress? What is the best way to make sure my child doesn’t hurt himself emotionally or spiritually in the process as my influence as a parent changes?

Rebellious teens — Is teenage rebellion just a normal part of growing up? If not, how can I prevent it from destroying my child? What signs should I look for?

When there are problems — My teen has already made some destructive choices. Is it too late for our family to turn things around? If not, where do we begin in the process of reclaiming our kids from a secular world? What should I do?

Dating — When should I allow my child to begin dating? You may be surprised by our answer!

True obedience — How can I discern if my preschooler, elementary child or teen is truly obeying me? What, really, is obedience?

Protecting my child from the influence of others — Peer pressure, TV, the internet, and the magazines at the grocery store checkout line are just some of the forces attacking what we’re trying to do in the life of our kids. What is the most effective thing we can we do to protect our children from harm?

The overprotective parent - What is the difference between overprotective parents and those who want to shield their children from danger?

My child ignores me - What should I do if I give my child instructions but nothing changes? We will share a simple and surefire way to change behavior almost immediately. People tell us they can’t believe the results.