Sunday Morning at the Kids Place

Our goal is to make the kids’ experience at church safe, fun, and profitable in helping them become all that God has planned. The nursery for children through age 3 meets in the nursery hallway, just off the Commons near the entrance to the Worship Center. Preschool classes meet both hours on the third floor for children age 4 and 5 (preschool class) and children in kindergarten who have a class of their own during both services.


Grades 1-6 meet on the third floor. Check the directory in the hall when you arrive to find your room. For first through sixth graders, the morning is broken up this way:


9:15 am—Kids Sunday Classes

This is what you may think of as Sunday School, but we think it’s even more. Kids meet in coed groups by grade (grades 3 and 4 meet together in the “F.B.I.”, our Faithful Bible Investigators). They enjoy games, lots of friends and practical, enjoyable Bible study on their level with teachers and workers who really care about them.


11:00am—Kids Worship

  • Grades 1 and 2 meet for learning games, Bible study, and a great large-group experience. It’s very practical and lots of fun. We call it the “Bus Stop” and kids study through the Bible.
  • Grades 3-6 meet for Kids Church with kids’ pastor Herb Owen. There are video games and other activities until the service begins and we get down to business. In many ways the program resembles the adult service with announcements, songs and a Bible study. But it’s all really kid-friendly, Bible centered, and a place where kids like to bring their friends. There are quizzes (for prizes) and some “hangout time” for kids to be with their friends. It makes the church their church. When kids leave they receive a copy of “Daily News” with the lesson presented graphically in a way they can remember and understand.