The Kids Place is the first through sixth graders of Cherrydale Baptist Church. It's not a place where you are, but more like a community. Or a group. Just think of it as Cherrydale for kids. And for their friends, too.

It's led by Kids Pastor Herb Owen and a team of dedicated workers and parents who think it's really cool to hang around these guys and girls. We think they're interesting. Even fascinating. When they walk in the door we notice.

We like them. Enjoy them. Even love them. They never get in our way or drive us nuts. They make life fun. We like hanging out with them and watching them grow up.

We meet together on Sundays to worship God and learn how to live as his kids. And we get together on Wednesdays, too. We've put together a pretty cool kids musical team and we rehearse Wednesday nights. And hang out in the gym. And eat. Eat a lot.

We start the summer off with our famous VBS (Vacation Bible School) followed by eight weeks of the coolest Day Camp on the planet. Lots of fun.

But the Kids Place is more than just a bunch of events. It's being there for each other. And helping each other out. Getting excited when a friend has a great game or goes somewhere cool.

We're family. We're pretty tight. But there's always room for more. Like you, for instance.